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Guangxi Guiping Longren Sportswear Co., Ltd. is a branch of Shenzhen Longren Industrial Co., Ltd. The office building is located in Yuanshan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen; the production plant is located in China's famous sportswear production base, Mule Town, Guiping City, Guangxi Province, China. It is a clothing company integrating design, production and sales. It mainly produces football uniforms, football sportswear, football training uniforms, World Cup jerseys, football club uniforms, basketball uniforms, basketball club uniforms, sportswear suits, casual sports pants , Customized series of sports and leisure clothing. In 2018, for the long-term development of the company, we established the road of brand And the original independent sportswear brand "xinlongren"; and invested heavily in the introduction of the most environmentally friendly digital printing equipment, computer embroidery, high-speed sewing machine, ironing, and tail The craft is complete. With the business philosophy of "survive by quality, development by reputation" and strong production capacity, there are a wide variety of products, different styles and grades, and new produ...




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